9 Reasons Our SEO & Marketing Service Work.

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1. Our Flagship Service.

Our Flagship SEO & Marketing Service is specifically designed help your local business get online. Or for clients who
want to build a small or medium online only business.

We start with creating your business website. We structure it correctly, specifically building it to attract targeted visitors & achieve search engine popularity. Built to ultimately increase the overall growth & profits of your current business. Developing & building the online aspects of your business takes time, energy & money. It must be done on a consistent long term basis. We know as a business owner you're already busy dealing with the day to day running of your off line business.  So how would you find the time to run the new online aspect of your business? The answer is to ...

2. Let Us Do All The Hard Work!

If you don't already have a website that compliments your off line business. Now is the time to capitalised on today's growing use of the Internet. If you're running a business, you need to be current, & having a website that keeps up with the today's online purchasing trends is the smart route to take. Your website's purpose is to put your goods, services & information in front of people, already looking for what you have to offer. Making sure website is working for you, is where our unique SEO Service differs from many other SEO service providers, because we have built-in the marketing and promotional aspects required to get your business ranked high in the search engines fast. 

Our service is designed to give you have a flourishing online business, built for you without having to lift a finger. We research your niche market, build an attractive, optimised WordPress site with all the content, images & a blog. Next we set up a full marketing & advertising campaign that gets your website noticed quickly. We build you a full web business that compliments your off line business. If you just want a specific area of your business to go online, we'll take care of it. Alternatively, if you're interested in an online only business, we can do that for you too!

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3. Research Analysis Process.

First we research your niche market thoroughly, look into the competitiveness and trends.  Next we find the right keywords you can actually rank for. We look at the top competitors in your niche who are already ranking in the search engines. Then we build a full SEO marketing strategy to out perform your competitors. We find
the right Domain name to compliment your off line business. Alternatively, a new Domain Name if you don't already have a site,
or your business is new & completely online.

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4. Building Your Website.

Getting your website built! We will consult with you about the style and layout that would best suit your business. Discuss any personal
you want added to the site. Collect relevant back ground information about your business & registered a suitable domain name. Next we go to work & build you an engaging, Responsive WordPress site in your chosen niche market. As it is being built & fully optimised, we host it for you free, & continue to manage any changes or up dates free of charge, for a full 12 months.

5. On Page SEO & Content Management.

We optimise your website with all the right SEO factors required by Google, Yahoo & Bing. We add relevant high quality content, images, videos, & a blog. We do all the On Page SEO that's needed to keep visitors coming back for more information about your services. Making sure all content added is optimised, & in-line with the search engine's On Page SEO criteria.

6. Off Page SEO & Ranking Your Site.

When it's time to rank your website high up in the search engines. We focus on good White Hat SEO practices already approve by Google. Some of which include; social media interaction, video marketing, quality backlinks and more. We set up a full marketing & advertising campaign that gets your website noticed quickly. Making sure you get on the 1st pages of Google, Yahoo & Bing fast.

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7. Our Team.

Consists of myself (April), & two experienced SEO freelance workers. Together we form a small team of Expert SEO & Marketing Professionals. With just the three of us, we aim to keep our clientele relatively low. Providing our SEO Services to a maximum of 36 clients a year.

8. Video Creation & Social Media.

We create a Niche Related YouTube Channel & upload quality promotional videos about your business that link back to your website. We create a main animated explainer video introducing your business to visitors. Add it to your website to help increase visitor retention. Then, we upload all videos to other video sharing sites around the Internet. Promoting your website through video marketing will go a long way to increasing your brand name. 

For Social Media recognition, we help you set-up social media accounts for Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram & Pinterest, (if you don't already have them). We will managed all of them FREE of charge for 6 months. This will help you gain followers & fans fast plus build up a good social media presence.

9. Creating Your Online Brand.

Let us do the hard work involved in creating an online presence.

Businesses need a website that has it's own brand & will surpass it's online competitors. One that will capture it's own audience for social media sharing, interaction, engagement & search engine placement. If your business is based in London or UK, we'll help expand you're brand. The best part is, our services extend beyond the UK. We can provide the same SEO & Marketing Service, even if you're based in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia or other parts of the World.

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Full SEO & Marketing Service Includes:

  • Research Your Niche Market.
  • Research & find easy to rank keywords & key phrases.
  • Find a suitable Domain Name for your website.
  • Provide free registration & hosting for 6 months.
  • Choose a relevant mobile friendly, (responsive) WordPress website template.
  • Create a 10 - 20 page website.
  • Provide full On Page SEO service which include:
  • Add relevant optimised content to all pages.
  • Add relevant optimised images to all pages.
  • Add new content each month for 6 months.
  • Create a unique animated explainer video for your website.
  • Create a Business Facebook account or link existing account to website.
  • Provide FREE Social Media Management Help for 6 months for:
  • Twitter.
  • Facebook.
  • Linkedin.
  • Pinterest.
  • Instagram.
  • Provide full Off Page SEO service which include:
  • Produce high quality permanent backlinks to your website for 6 months.
  • Create one new business related video a month for 6 months.
  • Create brand awareness & more...
  • Monthly SEO Consultations; in Person, via Email & Telephone for 6 months.
  • Provide 6 months free website maintenance & updates.